Turn visitors into buyers with Real Estate Beacons.

Do your sales associates ever wish they could be in more than one place at once? RealEstateBeacons™ helps solve this problem. Let potential home buyers come in and show themselves around.

iBeacon Real Estate Technology now tracks Home Analytics and Feedback

The RealEstateBeacons app tracks how many people visited the home, how long they spent there, and whether they were interested or not. While this information is of great interest to home sellers, it can be invaluable for builders and property developers. They can now see how visitors move through the property and which rooms or features create the most interest for the longest time. This information allows developers and architects to design homes ideally suited for the needs of people who will live there in the future.

Home Builders 1
Home Builders 2

Beacon Home Tours provide huge savings on printing costs

Remember the time and expense producing high quality brochures for your property? With RealEstateBeacons™ those days are over. Now prospective buyers can save iBeacon Tours in their ‘Favorites’ and recall them at any time. Think how much this feature alone will save you.

Home Builders 3

Come in and show yourself around.

Many buyers prefer seeing a property by themselves or with their partner, but won’t always notice features that set this home apart from the rest. As you tour the home the RealEstateBeacons™ app automatically points out awesome standout features, upgrade options, special offers and more. With up to 10 slides or rooms per beacon, you are limited only by your imagination.

Let RealEstateBeacons help sell your property and build client relationships for life

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